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Orange County Turkish School

is an informal educational and cultural project developed by the Orange County Turkish American Association (OCTAA) as a service to the Turkish-American community in Orange County. The Orange County Turkish School is not intended to replace formal education.

The School’s primary goals are: (1) to teach Turkish-American children and adults the Turkish language (at varying levels) emphasizing the whole range of communication skills, speaking, writing, reading and comprehension; (2) to familiarize the students with the history and civilization of Turkish people and Turkey, its geography and people at a level equivalent to elementary/middle school education in Turkey; and (3) to teach the basics of Turkish heritage and culture including Turkish music, literature and customs.

The School is intended to teach Turkish as a second language to improve the language skills of Turkish-American children and adults, which will be taught by volunteer members of OCTAA.

The Turkish School operates based on the educational principles of a democratic, secular, and progressive society, principles of the founder of Turkish Republic: Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, and modeled after the schools in Turkey. Furthermore, this School’s policies are socially, politically, and religiously nonsectarian.

The School is open to all OCTAA members and the general public.
OC Turkish School fosters a Turkish identity for children ages 5 and above based on the historical, cultural and ethical experiences of the Turkish people from historical times to today. Children learn better in an environment that is fun, creative, and encourages individual and personal growth. The School curriculum includes background in Turkish history, geography, culture, government, literature, music, language, holidays, and social awareness.

Management & Oversight

OC Turkish School is led by a Director and the OCTAA Educational & Cultural Committee members who oversee all aspects of the school and are an integral part of OCTAA’s leadership. They report directly to the OCTAA Board of Directors.

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