OCTAA School Guidelines

OCTAA School Guidelines Rev 5, May 2011 (Adobe Reader, pdf File)



The OC Turkish School is a place for learning. Although it is an extra curricular program, to make it a fun, enjoyable and knowledge enrichment place, we expect our students to:

  • Attend classes on time.
  • Pay attention to teachers, staff and volunteers on duty.
  • Respect teachers and fellow students.
  • Actively participate in classes.
  • Do not run out of the classroom and make loud noise during recesses (children’s classes).
  • Finish and turn in homework assignments on time.
  • Silence all cell phones and mobile communication devices before entering in the classroom.
  • Notify classroom teacher at least one day in advance, if unable to attend school.


The students, teachers, school committee, and parents together form the OC Turkish School community. To make the school program a success, parents’ involvement is crucial. We ask that the parents:

  • Bring children to school on time and pick them up immediately following each class. (The School is not intended as a baby sitting service.)
  • Make sure to SIGN IN & SIGN OUT your child on each school day before entering/existing the classroom.
  • Make sure children understand the School’s responsibilities of students (see above).
  • Make sure children complete and turn in homework assignments on time.
  • Notify classroom teacher one day in advance, if your child is unable to attend school.
  • Communicate with teachers and the committee about issues related to learning progress, students’ needs, overall school operation, as well as suggestions for improvements.
  • Bring snacks and small bottle water on assigned day enough for children in your child’s class.
  • Assist the teachers as the School Coordinator on the assigned school days.
  • Actively participate and volunteer in school-organized activities such as teacher/parent meetings, school meetings, social activities, fundraisers, and other special events.
No Parents will be Allowed in the Children’s Classrooms During Class.
No Visitors Will be Allowed in the Adult Turkish Classrooms!

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